Let's talk fabrics...

Some of you may not know this but back in 2015, I gained a new understanding of our environment and how humans are affecting it, negatively. Sustainability was a new “hot topic” back then and I wanted to learn more about it. The first thing I did was of course, google, and learn about the pioneers surrounding the movement. One of which is the author of Cradle 2 Cradle: Remaking The Way We Make Things, William McDonough. In this book, William explains how the Industrial Revolution is the cause of our current state: Cradle to Grave. The grand idea is that we should be creating/making things that align with nature, not against it. Whatever we as humans create should be made to recycle or better yet, biodegrade.

“At its deepest foundation, the industrial infrastructure we have today is linear: it is focused on making a product and getting it to a customer quickly and cheaply without considering much else.”

How does this align with fashion, you ask? Well, we can talk about non-biodegradable fabrics that we as consumers purchase on the daily while not knowing of its repercussions.

SYNTHETIC FIBERS: POLYESTER, SPANDEX, NYLON, ACRYLIC What can I say… you are evil. Honestly, anything made out of a synthetic fiber is no bueno for our environment and especially, oceans. The biggest source of microplastic pollution is our synthetic clothes, creating around 1900 tiny pieces of microfibers in our water every time we wash them. Just think about that. They also take about 20-200 years to decompose - but just imagine how much of it we are creating just to meet the demand. (if you live in a tropical climate, this is the worst material to wear)

Outfit: White Cotton Shirt (Goodwill), Mom Shorts (Zara), Fanny Pack (Mango), Boots (Dr. Martens)

The Good News! We actually have the option to purchase BIODEGRADABLE clothing. (nv - not vegan)


This post is just scratching the surface, but what I’m trying to shine a light on is how we need to be more conscious of what we are purchasing. Look at the labels before you buy something, think about where that item will end up after you’re done with it. Your dollar is your vote. Always remember that. Also, let’s try to use what we already have for as long as we can. I know we are attracted to the newnew, but get creative. GO THRIFTING, BUILD A CAPSULE WARDROBE. There is nothing sexier than caring about your planet. Have a great day!