Travel Guide: Maui, Hawaii


A month before her birthday, I asked my mother if there was one place she could travel to, where would it be? She jokingly said Hawaii.... I looked up the tickets and in one night, we booked a week trip! Yes, we considered the two traveling days, but knew it was all worth it. I began searching thru AirBnB for accommodating places to stay for the week. I knew I didn't want to stay at a typical vacation resort, I wanted to live like a local, I wanted to be within the jungles. 

Sustainable B&B

I found an amazing deal at the ever so peaceful, Maui Eco Retreat, an off the grid, self-sustaining bed and breakfast in Maui. 

In order to get to this gem, we had to drive 2 miles into the jungle. At first glance, we thought the trail was a joke... It looked extremely dangerous, but we eventually made it and immediately explored the premises and went on an adventure hike to their private waterfalls and pools. 

Bio-Beetle Car Rentals

In addition to staying at a self-sustaining, environmentally conscious retreat... I decided to rent a bio-diesel car which was recommended by Maui Eco Retreat from Bio-Beetle Car Rentals. It was a yellow buggy with a sunroof that allowed us to view all the beautiful greenery surrounding us, and it ran from 100% biodegradable vegetable oil. There slogan is, "Give the planet a VACATION the next time YOU take one!" It was a dream of mine to drive a 100% biodiesel car and I was pretty stoked to fill this baby up every chance I could. 


Macadamia Nut Pancakes

We took it easy one day and traveled to Lahaina, where we had the most incredible breakfast at 808 Grindz Cafe that included these delectable Macadamia nut & coconut infused pancakes. HEAVENLY!!

Haleakala Sunrise

On one of our last days, we hiked the Pipiwai Trail at Haleakala National Park. It was a hike we both will never forget - we thought it was never-ending. Along the way, when my mom's feet were tiring out and she thought she couldn't make it til the end, we met Aaron, a Maui local taking his Canadian friends to one of his favorite waterfalls on the island. Aaron was the captain, we all followed his motivating lead. Once we got to the waterfall, there was a caution sign warning us about rocks falling and it being fatale if we crossed to go under the waterfall.. I took my chances, even though clouds were hovering nearby, and a scratch on my toe and soaked sneakers & socks later, I dipped under the waterfall. There was a huge rock close by, where I took a moment to meditate. It was quite the serene moment. 

The morning before our 14-15 hour flight, we drove our way up 10,000 feet to the Haleakala Crater where we witnessed the most magnificent sunrise. Everyone was present in the moment together, appreciating God's beauty rising between the clouds. We were literally hanging out with the clouds! It was surreal and definitely the cherry on top of the entire trip. 

This trip opened my eyes to a new way of living... Although I was on vacation, Aloha seemed so genuine coming from the locals, as if they actually say it and live it daily. I hope to return to Maui one day, perhaps even reside there for sometime. Check out this video compilation of our time there: 



- Lauren