Bedroom Makeover

In 2014 I moved back into my parents house after being away for five years. I lived in Downtown/Midtown/Wynwood Miami and loved every minute of it. Although the neighborhoods weren't too friendly or safe (my car was broken into twice and I can tell you some other stories, involving me roller blading thru a cemetery), the experience and people I met along the way were totally worth it.

When I lived on my own, I was working as a producer for a show on HGTV called Color Splash starring the whimsical interior designer, and good friend, David Bromstad. The show captured three designers remodeling one space in a home in three days. It was a whirlwind and we all became family. Working for the same show for four years straight, I grew as a person and as a professional so much. David and the team taught me about the importance of interior design and how much fun it is to make a space your own. 

I was always a designer at heart, I grew up dabbling in graphic and web design and consider myself self-taught. I almost went to school for advertising... (I did, but then left). My surrounding friends were all creatives... especially my best friend, whom I consider my big sister, Aban Sonia. She taught me about self-love, developing your own unique style, and helped me discover my love for thrifting. 

So, when I got back home, my room was in shambles and my initial reaction was to re-design and start fresh. 


I painted all the walls a soft white with a hint of silver called FULL MOON. I'm in love with this color. And as Bromstad would always teach his clients to add an accent wall, I went ahead and did the same. I painted one wall my favorite color, green, but not just any green, a vibrant, CHLOROPHYLL green. To make the room bigger, I removed the white closets, which you can't see in the photo, and added sliding mirror doors instead to give the illusion of a bigger room and have the natural light reflect off of them. The mirrors were mainly so I can watch myself dance like a fool. 

The rest was inspired by pinterest and Sonia. 


Hope you enjoyed this makeover and I hope it inspired you to make your own little sanctuary!

P E A C E!

<3 Lauren